Why WordPress is The Ideal Platform to Build an Estate Agent Website on

By Alex Simpson

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WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. So popular in fact, that it’s now the backbone to over 30% of the whole of the internet. Whether you love or hate WordPress, you have to admit the versatility of it is huge.

With estate agents having properties for rent/sale coming and going regularly, having a website that’s easy to update with new properties in-house is going to be an essential feature for their website.

One misconception regarding WordPress is that it isn’t scalable. This certainly isn’t the case, WordPress is more than capable of being the CMS behind larger sized websites, especially nationwide estate agents. In fact, it’s probably ideal with its user-friendly interface and ability to create additional admin users, contributors and editors. A WordPress website that’s hosted on a dedicated serve, a large website can certainly run efficiently on WordPress.

Another ideal feature of WordPress is the vast array of plugins out there to help enhance an estate agent site. Maps, contact forms, mortgage calculators and call to actions can all be added with ease.

Of course, for a good estate agent website to being a successful website, you are going to need to hire in the professionals (that’s us!). With a typical estate agency website being image heavy along with the requirement of complicated search functionality needed that works well on smartphones, you may find a site running slow and frustrating to use. Plugins do a lot of work but to get them working really well, you are going to need a design and develop team to make those improvements.

After we’ve developed a custom theme, we can optimise all the images and improve the overall performance. User testing can also be carried out to ensure that the usability of the site is how it should be. So, with WordPress as the basis, an estate agency looking to get online or to restructure their existing site we would highly recommend Wordpress. If you are reading this and run an estate agency and would like to discuss how we can help improve your online presence, we would love to hear from you.

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Article Written by Alex Simpson
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