How We Successfully Transformed One Companies Online Presence

By Matt Partridge

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Atec Construction Solutions are a company based in County Armagh. They provide services to the construction industry as architectural and timber frame design consultants. With their business steadily growing they felt they needed to reach out to hire some help to give their website and online presence a much-needed update.

They got in contact with us here at Abstraction to see if we could help improve on their current website. As Atec didn't have a logo, any branding or brand guidelines in place at all we also got onto putting together a fresh new look for them too. To summarise Atec's brief for the website, they wanted us to create an eye-catching website, something bold that would be visually pleasing, professional-looking and to work well across all devices. With regards to the logo and branding, they left that in our capable hands.

Old Website

Overall the website was dated and didn't appeal to its audience due to its lack of colour, imagery and design. As you can see below, the old website lacked any real design, it wasn't ever really going to grab anybody's attention.

atec's old website
New Website

The new website we designed has a bold new look. The large blocks of colour enable the eye to easily digest each section of the website.

new mobile-friendly website
new mobile-friendly website

What Else Did We Fix?

One of the major issues with Atec's old website was that it wasn't responsive, search engines didn't see it as being mobile-friendly so it was never going to rank above a mobile-friendly competitor. Another issue that we see all too often still is that the website wasn't secure, it lacked an SSL certificate, meaning that the website's data wasn't being encrypted. Google will also rank any website that has a secure padlock showing in the browser above one that shows it's unsecure, after all, nobody likes an unsecured website!

Another issue with the old website was that it wasn't easy for anybody at Atec to update the content. As Atec grows they are going to probably add, edit and develop their website in-house so the ability to login to and use a user-friendly CMS like Wordpress is also a much-improved feature. The new Atec website is a custom theme we designed and developed here at Abstraction.

Whilst these are all major changes and improvements to Atec's online presence, there are also the finer details that we always pay attention to. Adding a neat little favicon, ensuring the title tags and meta descriptions are appropriate, routing the website through a CDN for better performance are just some of the finer details we make sure are in place.

professional website design

" A Beautifully Designed Wordpress Website Along With Fresh Branding With A Distinctive Logo "

If you feel your business is lacking enquiries and sales or isn't ranking well on Google it could be down to a poor website. Why not get in touch with us today and we can give you some free advice and identify areas that could be greatly improved?

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