Can a Loyalty Scheme Bring Added Success to Your E-Commerce Site?

By Alex Simpson

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Offering the best services, cheapest products & having a huge remarketing budget will not guarantee that customers will come back to your site again & again. Devising a loyalty scheme & incorporating it into your marketing strategy is a superb way to build customer retention.

We all feel fabulous when we feel a shop is treating us like a VIP after all a happy customer is more likely to spend more money. Keeping your customers happy should certainly be a high priority. So, you don’t currently run a loyalty scheme, here are a couple of loyalty scheme ‘musts’.

Keep it Simple

Making your scheme really complicated & hard to understand will put people off from the very start, people are going to lose interest very quickly. Creating an offer for your customer’s loyalty that’s memorable will also help get your loyalty scheme spread on social media platforms & word of mouth.

Building a dedicated page with all the finer details of the scheme will help an information overload hidden whilst you can get the main points across very easily. Consider all of the elements that make up your scheme, what are your customers going to be rewarded for? How will a customer redeem the rewards they earn?

A great example of a simple loyalty scheme would be a celebration card company. The offer might be ‘buy 5 cards, get 1 FREE’. Don’t make your customers jump through loads of hoops for their loyalty. Again, you need to make them feel special for the effort they have already put in.

What Could I Include in my Websites Loyalty Programme?

A great strategy we would suggest would be to offer bigger discounts the more you shopped. Your customer retention levels will only increase by doing this. Other ideas would be to offer early access to new products or a seasonal sale. Maybe offer a discount code for birthdays, or even flash sales for any customers on your mailing lists?

At the end of the day, a loyalty scheme is there to add value to your customer’s overall user experience whilst for you, it helps customer retention. They are always going to help a new customer convert into a loyal customer. In such a competitive world that is always going to be a valuable asset.

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