3 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Website

By Matt Partridge

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We all know that video content is taking the digital world by storm. It’s easy to take it for granted these days as video is absolutely everywhere. We see it on our social media feeds, on-demand and on Netflix however, in web design, it’s still not that common. With faster connections readily available seeing video in web design will also become commonplace. Today we look at three ways you can enhance your site by implementing video.

Before we start, let’s go over the benefits of using video on your website. First of all, it’s been proven that video improves customer engagement and retention. These, in turn, lead to higher conversion rates.

Here are several ways you can enhance your website with video:

1) Talking Head Video

It could be a customer testimonial or an introduction from the company boss, Talking Heads style videos were one of the original styles of video used on a website, they are also relevant today.

They are an ideal way to put forward your brand identity across to your clients, and it can be a brilliant way to describe a complicated product or service rather than trying to explain it with copy.

2) Visually Pleasing Video

A great way to integrate video into your website is to use it as a form of attention-grabbing decoration, something to stop a user in their tracks, really grab their attention and keep them on your site. This could be a video background on a landing page, people using your product in with a stunning backdrop or perhaps something abstract that has a purely attention-grabbing aspect to it.

When using video in this way it’s incredibly important to not distract the user from the content of your website, it’s a fine balance to get right. The other important factor is to ensure that it doesn’t affect the performance of your website when people are viewing your website with a slow internet connection or a budget device, ensure that you have a fall back for these scenarios. When executed well, applying video in this way can really enhance user engagement and keep them fixed on the content.

3) Guides and Tutorials

Let’s say you have a really complicated product or service you are selling and you are struggling to explain it within the copy of your site, a video is an ideal solution to this problem. Unlike explaining the product in text, video allows you to really go into detail on how the product works its benefits along with any complicated elements to it. Video allows you to simplify the way you put across how to use a product or service. You may also find that it’s a great chance to attract new customers along with helping your existing ones.

If you feel inspired by this post and would like to discuss how we can add video to your existing site, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

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