Web Design FAQ's

Before you hire a marketing agency you're bound to have a fair amount of questions, we've designed this page with that in mind, we want you to feel confident that Abstraction is the perfect marketing agency for you.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is a common question, each project is unique so the price is every price. It's like asking 'How long is a piece of string?'. As a website can be made up of so many different elements and varied amounts of time can be spent designing and developing them, the price can vary a lot. It depends on whether you require a content management system, a shopping cart, whether you require A/B testing of your site or bespoke graphic design work. The best way to get an accurate price is to fill in our quote form by clicking here

How Long Does It Take To Design a Website?

This depends on the type of website you are having built. Assuming that we have all of the content available, a typical 8 page brochure website takes on average 7 days to design and develop. A website with a built in CMS takes longer, anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. An e-commerce website takes the longest, we could specify a time frame here, it really depends on the project.

How Long Have You Been Building Websites?

Abstractions design and development team have over 25 years of design and development experience between us. We are especially experienced at building great looking 'mobile-friendly' websites that your customers will find easy to use.

What Type Of Businesses Do You Work With?

We work with all kinds of businesses throughout the UK (and sometimes Europe!). It doesn't matter what stage your business is at, whether you are just starting out or you are an established company we are always here to listen to your enquiry and help in anyway we can.

Will You Help Write The Content For Our Website?

Unfortunately not, no. We do however work with an excellent copywriter who can provide you with a quotation to write your copy and content for you.

Will You Provide The Images For Our Website?

Again, this is not something we do. We rely on our customers to supply the imagery and graphics for their website project. However we can provide a separate quote for any images you require for your website, we can add this as an 'optional extra' on the quotation.

Will We Own The Website?

Yes of course. Once you have paid your final invoice you will own 100% of the website. You are free to do use the website files as you wish.

We Aren't Based In The West Midlands, Does That Matter?

Certainly not. Most of our clients are based outside of the West Midlands. With the internet, email, phone, skype, FaceTime & even the postal service we are able to create the same fantastic websites whether your company is based next door to us or your office is at the other end of the country.

Do You Outsource Any Of Your Work?

We do not outsource any web design or development work. It's all produced here in the West Midlands. We do outsource copywriting services, we use the brilliant Word Nerds.

We Currently Have a Website However We Would Like a New One, Can You Help?

Yes of course. Please fill in our quote form by clicking here to get started.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

There are 2 types of websites, firstly a brochure style websites is typically used for displaying information. It's a website that is generally suited to those who don’t need to make regular changes to any copy or content, as this requires some basic knowledge of HTML coding, editing and then uploading files to a hosting server. If you require constant updates, this is where a CMS (content management system) comes in. We can give you the ability to login, behind the scenes of your website and easily update the copy or content via a user friendly interface, you can even login via your smartphone and update on the go. A blog or a news feed is a good example of something that will probably require constant updates.

Will My Website Be Designed Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, indeed. Your website will be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. We will ensure it looks great on all devices. Before launch, we will test your new website on various devices, operating systems and browsers.

Can Update The Website Ourselves?

Yes, if you decide to have your website built using the Wordpress framework then you will be able to update it yourself. Once your website is complete you will be given a login to access the backend of your website. We will provide training and guidance (depending upon budget we may provide a smaller ‘how to’ guide, or if the budget allows, we may be able to provide some on-site training). This includes becoming familiar with the Wordpress dashboard and all of its functionality so it's easy for you to understand. If you would personally like us to make any further changes in the future these would be billed at an hourly rate. Or, you could purchase a tailored support package that would give you a guaranteed amount of time set aside for you each month.

We Have a Limited Budget, Can You Still Work With Us?

Yes indeed. We work with a broad range of clients, from start-ups to large organisations. With regards to your budget, the best way is to simply let us know what your budget is. That way we can then discuss the most optimised way of spending your money. We can talk you through what parts are essential and what parts you could perhaps add on in the future once you're business has grown.

Are The Websites You Build Going To Get Us Noticed On Search Engines Like Google?

We always set out to design and develop a website to be as 'search engine' friendly as possible. By this we mean that the HTML code will be clean, valid code that is well structured and as easy for the likes of Google to understand. We ensure we always input meaningful alt tags and well organised heading tags.

We always ensure that all of our websites that we build are 'mobile-friendly' which is another important search ranking factor. We can also provide separate quote for search engine optimisation, our packages are flexible and can be made to your exact requirements and budget.

Can You Take on Incomplete Projects?

Yes we do. To offer you the best service we feel its best to start a web development project from scratch ourselves. We have full control along with being confident your website has been built in the best possible way.

Can Bad Web Design Affect My Google Ranking?

Simply put, yes it can. Search engines are increasingly focused on prioritising good design over bad. Accessibility and performance are two major factors. You may be doing everything right SEO wise but without a solid build behind you then all of your SEO work will be in vain.

Do You Design Landing Pages For Advertising Campaigns?

Yes we do. We’re advocates of a great landing page.

Do You Offer Ongoing Support?

Yes. We do provide 7 days technical support (design updates are not included). After 7 days we offer a complete website maintenance plan which will include regular website updates and back-ups. These updates keep your website secure from any potential threats and allow you to focus on running your business.

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