Ian Billings

Professional Author, Comedian, Playwright

Website Redesign | WordPress Development

Ian Billings is a professional author, comedian and playwright. He's won various awards for his BBC radio plays and children's books and travelled the world performing in over 2,500 schools. Whilst working with Ian in 2020 on a separate project he asked us if we could redesign and rebrand his old website. Ian's old site was built pre-mobile so wasn't responsive and the design was aimed at children. With Ian's work changing and his old website not cutting it with the latest technology, he needed us to step in and revamp his online presence.

The new website has a brand new logo along with a more mature, editorial feel. It now has a mobile-friendly layout and comes with WordPress built-in allowing for easy newsfeed updates on the go.

What Ian Said:

Abstraction created a brilliant, creative and engaging site which really draws the visitor in. They continued to prove themselves diligent, attentive and inventive throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend Abstraction to anyone wanting a complete detailed and supportive service.

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