Bespoke Web Design, What is it?

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If you’re currently looking for a new website, a bespoke build for your business with personalised maintenance and support, then a custom-built website could be for you. Quite often, a bespoke website is confused with a templated website that allows basic changes to elements such as fonts, copy and images. However, bespoke websites offer a lot more than this, having been designed and developed around your business model, brand, clients and your goals with custom-made web design and development processes well thought out by web professionals.

Custom Compared To Template Web Design

When having to decide between a bespoke build and a template website design, there are pros and cons to each, depending on the purpose of your website.
If your business isn’t planning on increasing traffic and only requires a website for an online presence then a template website is probably all you need. A template website is going to be a more cost-effective solution, they are easier and quicker to set up and need a lot less work. The downsides are that they are at a higher risk of being hacked, bloated with too many plugin-ins and unnecessary code or limited in their capabilities to add additional, bespoke features.

For any business that sees its website as an integral, important part of its marketing strategy then a bespoke website build is certainly more suited. You may also consider these three benefits of a bespoke web design:

Scalability – As your business grows you’ll find it easier to improve areas that you discover need attention.
Flexibility – A bespoke website design will allow a lot more features to be integrated into your site, you aren’t restricted to adding new features.
Speed – You are not slowed down by additional bloatware that a template website might include. You have full control over all of the website’s code.

Key Features of Bespoke Web Design

If you need your website to be as unique as your business then a template website just isn’t going to cut it. A bespoke website build is only going to be possible by working with a professional web development team (like ours!). We’ve put together a list of key features you’re going to gain through having a bespoke website.

Total Control
The design of the website can be tailored to exactly how you like. Typically, a design process would be gone through, the final design signed off and then the development can then begin based on that design. A template design is going to be a lot more restricted in the look and feel of the website.

Improved Security
A bespoke website will only use a minimal amount of plugins lowering the risk of hacks. You also have control over ensuring all back-end components are kept up to date with the latest version.

Easier To Update
A bespoke website will have been built around your exact needs and requests. As your business evolves and expands, you’re going to find it easier to update your website to suit. Also, as technology changes, your website will also be a lot more future-proofed.

Better UX
A bespoke website is built from the ground up. A lot more consideration can be made to a customer's user journey and overall UX (user experience). This is because these processes would have been thought out before the website development takes place.

SEO Friendly
A template website will quite often be harder to rank well on a search engine, as there will be more restrictions to a completely open, bespoke website build. Template sites are often slower and bloated which also has an impact on any website's SEO score.

How We Can Help With Integrations

Our team of professional web designers and developers are here to help improve and optimise your website and online presence. Some of the bespoke additions we can add to your current site to fit with its current look and feel include:
- Custom social media feeds with automated updates
- Booking systems
- Live chat functions
- Online payment options including ApplePay
- Blog and news feeds
- Custom quote builders

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" For any business that sees its website as an integral, important part of its marketing strategy then a bespoke website build is certainly more suited. "

The great thing about a bespoke website build is the ability to add any custom elements that your business needs.

Interested In a Bespoke Website Design?

If you are serious about your business and want to improve its online presence and increase traffic and orders then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have the technical know-how, creative talent and marketing knowledge to be able to provide you with honest and accurate advice to help your business succeed.

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